Wu Kong

WU KONG is a story that symbolises personal growth. He is a legendary figure best known as one of the core characters in the classic 16th-century Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. With the help of a vision of compassion, perseverance, and the pursuit of enlightenment, Wu Kong Kitchen & Bar was born during COVID while every industry was struck to survive.

Wu Kong’s story motivates us to believe in and work together as Wu Kong did during his quest to the West. In 2022, we successfully launched our first concept restaurant in Brisbane City – the iconic WATERFALL CAVE & MAGICAL STONE, where the legendary Wu Kong was born.

We are now continuing to the next chapter—FLAMING MOUNTAIN—with inspiration from an essential chapter, “Sun Wukong Borrowing Iron Fan.” It tells the story of the Monkey King encountering a raging fire on their pilgrimage to the West for the Buddhist scriptures. To obtain the Iron Fan from the Iron Fan Princess to extinguish the raging flames of the Flaming Mountains, they fight the Iron Fan Princess and Demon Bull King.

  • MON :11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • TUE :11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • WED :11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • THU :11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • FRI :11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • SAT : 11.30AM – 9.30PM
  • SUN : 11.30AM – 9.30PM
Queen Street Village Shopping Centre, 102 Nerang Street, Southport QLD 4215

Queen Street Village,

The Queen Street village enjoys a prime location on Queen Street, Southport, offering easy accessibility to visitors. The area boasts abundant car parking spaces, hassle-free drop-off and pick-up points for Uber rides, and the added convenience of being situated adjacent to the Nerang Street tram station.

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